Alexei Stoickkov
I'll be your worst enemy.
The Room of Rape-quirements || Alexei & Elia

Having left the kitchens after lunch, he journeyed along the castle. Looking through every window at their views, peeking through every door. Boredom had taken its toll and he had no idea how to cure it at the moment. For days now, his sexual urges have been boiling in his body with only his own two hands to momentarily calm them down for what seemed to be about ten minutes at a time.

Running his hand across the wall as he made his way down a hallway that looked like every other in the school, a door appeared. Tilting his head, he pushed open the door to step into a chilly room with nothing but a couch and a dusty mirror in the corner of the room. Taking out his wand, he put light to the candles scattered along the walls and looked around. Nobody. How creepy.

Not bothering to look into the mirror because his ego had claimed that he was perfect in every way possible already, he noticed a small bottle poking out from under the couch. Sauntering over to it, he pulled out the full bottle of Firewhiskey with a smirk on his face. “Lovely.” He sat down on the couch and popped it open, taking a long swig of its liquids. As he was about to return his lips to the glass again, the door opened.

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